Texans Standing Tall adopted, with some modification, the campus tobacco policy rating criteria of the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation. Campuses are rated based on the strength and coverage of their tobacco policies and the policies are rated on the extent to which they include each of three policy areas: smoke-free, smokeless tobacco-free, and e-cigarette-free.

A 100% comprehensive campus tobacco-free policy must address three policy areas: smoke-free, smokeless tobacco-free, and e-cigarette-free. In order to be comprehensive, each policy area must cover each of these five categories: all buildings, all outside areas, all on-campus sporting events or special events, all campus-owned vehicles, and all approved exemptions.

If a policy applied to all five categories, then the campus was deemed 100% compliant in that policy area, which is signified by a flag. In order to qualify as a comprehensive tobacco-free campus, a campus must be 100% compliant in all three policy areas. This is signified in the database by a blue banner.

Policy Areas and Categories
The three overarching policy areas are:
  • Smoke-free
  • Smokeless tobacco-free
  • E-cigarette free

Five categories on which policy areas were rated:
  • All buildings;
  • All outside areas;
  • All on-campus sporting events or special events;
  • All campus-owned vehicles; and
  • All approved exemptions.

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